cannot make bricks without clay (shes_unreal) wrote in baaaaabyanimals,
cannot make bricks without clay

Corgi puppy won't go down the stairs

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Aw, can't do it today? I know how you feel, little one. Some days are just too tough.

Haven't seen a Corgi that color, how interesting.
Tricolor corgis are actually pretty common, and I would really like one in that color.

The ones with the tails (Pembroke?) also come in a beautiful merle color.
So adorable! And you know that in a few weeks he'll be bounding up and down those stairs.
I seriously almost cried over HOW ADORABLE this video was!

Come on, liddle wun! You can do it!
owww! <3 <3 <3
my comment was marked as spam... I think because I put a picture in my comment??? :(
I don't even see the original comment, sorry :(