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Warning: Cute Kittens Ahead!

As a volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter in Chicago, I am fortunate enough to meet many baaaaaby (and adult) cats as they hang out with us awaiting their forever homes. Below is just a sampling of the kittens we've had pass through our doors.

I was trying to sneak up on this one as she slept, but she woke up as soon as I opened the door to go in and take pictures. A minute after this was taken, she was curled up in my lap sleeping again :)

Tosca woke up from sleeping in my lap long enough for a photo, then fell back asleep.

This kitten fell asleep on a shelf and looked as if he was meditating.

Romano was a sweetheart of a kitten. Less than 2 hours after I took this picture, I matched him up with a great couple who became his forever family!

Bobby Sox is a total sweetheart kitten who loves crawling into laps and getting belly rubs.

Pint may have had a small body, but she had an oversized personality!

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