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Tara and Teddy

If you think you can handle the cute, here are our new puppies!

Hi there! I'm Tara. That's my brother Teddy over there. Say hi, Teddy.

Hello, Internets!

We just left our mom and eight other litter-mates to come live with erickavan and jbru!

Since we're only seven weeks old, we like to chew on things.

Sometimes the best thing to chew on is a brother.

If you chew on your brother, though, he might tug the rug and get you rolled up in it!

When we aren't chewing things, we sleep a lot.

And I do mean a lot!

Brothers are good for sleeping on, too!

You might be wondering how to tells us apart. Since you can't smell us to tell the difference, here's a little clue.

That's Teddy. His paws are almost as big as his head!

He has a bit of pink on his nose.

And the white fur between his eyes is narrow.

My white is wider, which makes me cuter and smarter!

We interrupt this introduction for another round of Extreme Puppy Wrestling!

I can destroy Tokyo with these jaws!

I will crush Tara!

(What's that? A foreign object?)

The tables turn!

Teddy is down! Teddy is down!

Defeating your brother at EPW is hard work.

Well, it was nice to meet you, Internets. I imagine we'll see more of you later.

Time for me to go!

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